XtndNet makes broadband faster

XtndNet’s dynamic broadband uses High Throughput Satellite technology to deliver up to 50Mb download speed at any location in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We maximise your existing broadband, transforming not-spots into hot-spots!

We do this with technology that is available today — not some time in the future. And all for a reasonable monthly fee with excellent customer support.

There are a lot of misconceptions people have about satellite broadband:

  • Satellite Broadband is slow.
    This is usually due to too many customers being put onto a small network (even by the big providers). We don’t do that at XtndNet — we have excellent relations with our satellite capacity partners, and make sure there is always enough network capacity for all our customers.
  • Satellite Broadband is expensive.
    XtndNet uses satellite to make bad terrestrial broadband links better. We optimally use every bit of connectivity to deliver you an excellent service at a reasonable price.
  • Satellite Broadband has terrible (or no) customer service.
    XtndNet is an Internet Service Provider. We believe customer service is our primary job, and that’s why seek out customers other providers can’t satisfy.
  • Satellite Broadband is going to be great in the future.
    XtndNet is available today — not some time nebulous time in the future. We don’t need to build rockets, launch more satellites, or create new network systems. Everything is ready for you!

Don’t wait: Get XtndNet now!