Practical information for agents and resellers

XtndNet offers two ways to work together: as an agent, or as a reseller.

Agents introduce potential resellers, and help XtndNet to work with them. This help continues after the introduction, and can involve introducing new services and products, making sure resellers are happy, and working to make the relationship work on all sides. Agents make a percentage of whatever a reseller spends, for the life of the relationship with XtndNet. One agent can have many resellers they work with.

Resellers deal directly with end customers, stock equipment, arrange installs, and provide local support. A reseller makes more money per connection than that of an agent, but so is the amount of work they commit to.

Partnership tiers

In both cases, the more revenue a partner generates, the greater amount of their share of the sale. This is called their partnership tier. Partnership tiers run from 1-4, and are based on a percentage of the recommended retail price of a service.

Recommended retail prices

All services have a recommended retail price. This is shown in the XtndNet billing system. For all African customers, this is set in USD, and it does not include any tax or local fees.

No infrastructure investment is required

XtndNet services are ready to be sold without any additional work. There is a complete customer portal and billing system, the satellite capacity is allocated and ready to go — everything is ready, all you need to do is add your customers.

How XtndNet works

XtndNet combines satellite download with a different upload — this could be by mobile Internet, ADSL, fixed line wireless, or even bidirectional VSAT. The satellite download enhances whatever connectivity is already available, offering up to 20x improvement in download speeds, at half the latency of normal satellite connectivity. Our intelligent routing system can optionally route real-time traffic over another interface to improve the customer experience. And we can add additional interfaces to increase resilience and reliability.

Other questions?

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